Ready Fur Love: Capeice’s Dating Story

Meet Capeice! Capeice is a lovely girl who has been looking for love in all the wrong places. She’s an independent lady who feels she may not need a family, but it sure would be nice having someone to curl up to and spend the days with. Capeice is an avid bird watcher and would like sitting down with someone who also enjoys dabbling in the same pastime. She is making new friends at the adoption center and is enjoying their company, but none compare to the feeling of being loved. She is looking for someone she can have great conversation with and play with a wand toy or two. Her attitude and flare are that of a diva’s and she sure knows how to flaunt her tail! This feisty gal is ready to rub against your leg and maybe give you a tender love bite. If you are looking for great conversation, and perhaps a little zing to your lovelife, then Capeice is your gal! Meet Capeice!


What do you think the best way of getting to know someone is?

“I think it takes time to really know someone. Talking and spending time together is a must. I am not a ‘heart on my sleeve’ kind of girl that believes in love at first sight. Hopefully my next family and I will have things in common like, bird watching or napping. That way we can spend some quality time together and have the conversation flow and watch the love blossom on its own. I’m usually not one to discuss my personal life, but I do enjoy giving love bites. Some say I get a little rough, which I suppose I should work on but it may take some time. Old habits die hard, you know.


Which is more important: having a great sense of humor, having an intelligent conversation, being active and sporty, or being passionate about life?

“I think it is important for a person to have all those qualities. I don’t want some stuffy person that can’t have a good laugh, and I sure don’t want someone who isn’t intelligent. Conversation is key to any relationship. I want to hear about your day as well as tell you about mine! I have my frisky moments and want to run and play so I am definitely going to need someone who is active. I love my toy wand and it won’t dangle itself! Trust me, I’ve tried to get it to… I am also looking for a life-liver. I enjoy the world around me and need the same enthusiasm from my person.”


You’ve just won an award, what was it for?

If I were to win an award, it would be for the most beautiful in all the land because seriously, I’m stunning. This doesn’t come easily, though. It takes a lot of napping in the sun and grooming to look this good all the time. I appreciate the acknowledgements of my efforts. Now, where can I pick up my award? You said I get one, right?