Ready Fur Love: Kal’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Kal’s Dating Story

Meet Kal! Kal is an all around great guy! He’s athletic and handsome with a big pitty smile that makes everyone swoon. His charming personality is sure to sweep you off your feet. He is a strapping two year old  that is ready to join your active lifestyle. Or if you’re looking to start getting active, he will be your new motivation to get you up and moving! Kal is hoping for a family that will take him everywhere. He enjoys the company of people of all ages and would love to join you on those summer hikes and camping trips. Kal’s manly demeanor makes him a tad selective on which male K-9’s he chooses to associate with but he is a regular Casanova with the ladies. He is just a big, lovable fellow that is ready to take your life from great to perfect! Are you ready? Meet Kal!


Describe your perfect date?

“I’m not a typical dinner and movie kind of guy. I want to go on a hike or a nice leisurely run near a lake or river. We can stop to rest for lunch and sit back and enjoy our natural surroundings. Then maybe we can continue the day with some outdoor play like Frisbee or fetch! And finally, we can curl up on a blanket and and have a relaxing evening under the stars. I can’t wait for that date!”


What’s the most thoughtful gift you were ever given?

“I was once given a big, giant bone! It was glorious. It lasted for days and was just as delicious as the day before. I hope my new family gets me one of those as an adoption day present!”


What is your favorite food?

“I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy. I will never turn down a good steak, or chicken, turkey, lamb, bacon… Mmmm….bacon…. I’m told I should start adding some vegetables to my diet, but I really don’t see the point. What are those things called ‘vitamins’ anyways? They sound like they just get in the way of the real food.”