Ready Fur Love: Holly’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Holly’s Dating Story

Meet Holly! Holly is a sweet girl that loves the spotlight! Mostly so it can keep her warm while she naps.  She takes beauty rest to a whole new level and it must be working since she is a stunning girl with gorgeous blue eyes.  Holly has a special ability of making anything a comfortable sleeping spot. What you might find to be uncomfortable will leave her feeling relaxed and well rested!  She prefers to have her alone time away from other felines but she does have her playful moments where she will run all over the room, chasing her toys. But those moments don’t last long before she is back in her cat tree getting ready for yet another nap. She enjoys snuggling up to her owners and what really gets her purring is a good scratch behind her ears. She’s waiting for the perfect family who will let her personality shine as bright as the sun she sleeps in, and who takes a few minutes(literally) throughout the day for some play time. Does this lounging lass sounds like your dream girl? She sure hopes so! Meet Holly!


What’s your lifelong goals?

“My goal in life is to find the ultimate napping spot. One that nothing else will  compare to. It will be small and tight, warm and sunny, and soft and fluffy. Also, I would prefer it to be higher up from the ground so less people will wake me. Being this beautiful isn’t easy, it takes lots of undisturbed nap time.”


What do you think the best way of getting to know someone is?

“The way I know I have found the right person for me is by the way they scratch. I am inclined to be a much more snuggly kitty if they have good hands to scratch the back of my ears with. Also, I think just spending some quality time together watching the birds by a window is a great way to learn about one another also.


What is your favorite quote?

“‘You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.’ I hope to find a family that makes me feel this way. I know they are out there somewhere, I just have to wait a little bit longer.”