Ready Fur Love: Modie’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Modie’s Dating Story

Meet Modie! This playful girl with a heart of gold is ready for a second chance to show what a spunky yet loving girl she can be! Modie is a lady on the move. What kind of life is spent on the couch? In her mind, not one she wants to live! She would do great with a family that is home frequently to spend all day in the backyard playing games and spending good quality time together. She doesn’t like to be left out, but can you blame her? She’s family! She dreams of taking family outings, hiking and other fun sporty activities.

After playtime, eating is her second favorite activity. Modie’s high energy and activity level allow her to have a big appetite. If she were human, she’d be one of the girls you’d hate for being able to eat a bunch yet stay so trim. But looking into those sweet eyes, no one can dislike this gentle soul. After an especially tasty meal, you might see her expressive face saying “Really? That’s it?” Have no fear, she will be ready to burn those calories in no time! She would prefer to be the only pet in your life but once you meet her, you’ll realize she is all you need to make it complete. Meet Modie!

What is your most prized possession?

“I love all of my toys! I can play with them for hours and have so much fun! I like to chew on them and throw them around and chase them! I hope my new family will spoil me with cool new toys all the time, especially for when I do have to be home alone. This way I can play and have fun and time will just zoom by until you are back home with me. Then we can play together!”

What is your favorite food?

I LOVE food! I’m an eater for sure. Meaty, cheesy, peanut-y, sweet. Bring it.  Where is the dinner bell? I’m ready to load up my plate! If you hear of any doggie food competitions, please sign me up, I’ll smoke my competition. Like a good brisket.

What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday?

When I think of a perfect day, I imagine me with my family (an adult or two and some kids) going on a nice hike through some pretty green trails. Then we would stop for lunch. Then we would go to a park and play fetch and run for hours! Then we would have dinner. Then we could go on a nice leisurely walk while the sun sets. Then have second dinner. After all that, we can lay on a blanket in the cool night air and relax, all while they give me a good butt scratch. Yeah, that’s the good life…