Ready Fur Love: Cliff’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Cliff’s Dating Story

Meet Cliff! Cliff is a handsome boy that is looking for someone who is ready to add some spice to their life. Cliff is very active and loves to run around and play! His hopes are to find a family that will let him be him to the fullest and allow him to explore new areas of the home, finding new hiding spots to chill out for a nice nap in. He loves to chase and pounce on his toys or human hands that are playing with him.

Cliff likes to think he is a tough boy and defender of the weak! Though he has a black coat, whomever adopts him surely won’t be unlucky! He’s just a real life Casanova, looking to live life to the fullest and have some company by his side! Are you looking for a kitty to protect you at night and a best friend? Then Cliff is your main man! Meet Cliff!

 What do you think the best way of getting to know someone is?

“I like spending time together and playing. I think it takes time to learn about each other’s personalities and boundaries. It’s easier when there are mutual interests. An example would be finding someone who likes giving ear scratches because I love receiving them! And if you like to play then I’m your man! I love to run and chase toys all day. With time, I think great friendships can form and I know I will be the best cat for my new owner or owners.”

What is your favorite food?

“I like treats! Crunchy kibble treats are the best. We cats prefer to try all the flavors before just settling on one . I am a meat eater and there are so many delicious types out there I must try them all! I hope my next owner plans on spoiling me because I am ready to be pampered with lots of my favorite things, including a wide variety of kitty crunchies. I am pretty worth it, though.

What is your best pickup line?

“Forget about Spiderman, Superman, and Batman. I’ll be your man.” The ladies come running when I throw that one in the mix. You won’t need any superhero when I’m around because I will save you from all that is wrong in the world, like bugs that intrude on the household, untied shoe strings or the red dot that magically appears when humans hold a small stick in their hands.