Ready Fur Love: Bryn’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Bryn’s Dating Story

Meet Bryn! Bryn is a nice girl who is ready for her forever home! She has been a little down in her luck lately and is looking for a forever family to turn it around! Bryn is very smart and learns quickly. She would be a great dog for advanced training and will impress your friends with all she can do! Everyone you know will be envious of having such a talented girl by your side. She loves humans of all ages and does amazing with kids! She would make a great family dog with youngins running around but she would also love being with a single bachelor or bachelorette, like herself, exploring the world and going on adventures together- especially now that she is heartworm free! She is ready to start living her life to the fullest opportunity! Will you be the one to show this girl all the world has to offer? Meet Bryn!


What are your lifelong goals?

“My goal is to experience everything good that life has to offer. I want to play, and see new places, and meet new people! I am hoping to find a family that can introduce me to all these new things that I haven’t had the opportunity to do yet. I also aim to have a family that will keep me forever. I am excited to live and grow with a family and create happy memories for all of us!”


What are your best qualities?


“I think my best qualities are my intelligence, my beauty, and my personality. I’m what they call a triple threat! I am a very fast learner and I enjoy being taught new tricks, especially when I’m given treats for doing them. Treats just motivate me to learn quicker so I can have that tasty snack! I think I am very pretty, too. My coat is long and thick and very soft. And lastly, I am very friendly and I love all people. Kids are a lot of fun because they can play with me all day! And that’s what I love to do, play with my people!”


If you had $1,000 what would you do with it?

“I’m not too sure what dollars are but I do know that 1,000 is a lot so I can tell you what I would do with 1,000 bones or 1,000 toys! Life would be so good! I could eat bones and play all day! Chase a ball, eat a bone. Squeak a squeaker, eat a bone. That would be the life!”