Ready Fur Love: Boots’ Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Boots’ Dating Story


Meet Boots! Boots is a big girl with a lot of love to give! But there is something very unique about this girl. Is it her fur? No, not her fur. Is it her personality? No, that’s unique but not quite. You guessed it-this girl only has one eye! Does it slow her down? Not at all! She is still ready to live the life of luxury and be pampered all day. Her one peeper just adds character! Think of it as a permanent wink. She will never stop flirting with you! And isn’t that the best way to keep a relationship going?

Boots has a sweet disposition and will fit into any home nicely. Her laid-back attitude makes her an easy pal to get along with for other kitties and good with respectful kiddos that don’t mind a cat who enjoys her naps! She is easy to please and enjoys spending her days lounging around, preferably next to a sunny window. She loves scratches under her chin and will even give kisses to the person lovin’ on her. Looking for a feline with a slightly different view of the world? Then Meet Boots!


What is the most thoughtful gift you have ever been given?

“I was once given a new bed. It was so soft and fluffy! I slept in it all the time. I especially liked when it was near a sunny window on a warm day. It felt nice to nap and sunbathe all at the same time! It might have been a little hard to tell, but my coat got some great color from that! I love getting gifts, but then again, who doesn’t?”


What is your biggest motivation?

“My biggest motivation is knowing there is a family out there that will accept me for me. When I was little, something traumatic happened that caused my eye to be injured and needing to be removed. I don’t remember what it was but my motivation is knowing that the bad things are in the past. Now it’s nothing but good memories from here, and I can’t wait to start living my life with a new family that will accept and love me for who I am.”


What is your best quote/Motto for life?

“‘I am perfectly imperfect.’ I bet you can take a guess as to why that’s my favorite. My one eye makes me unique, not scary. You can be sure that you will never meet another Boots quite like me!”