Ready Fur Love: Cailey’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Cailey’s Dating Story

Meet Cailey! Cailey is a sensitive soul that is trying to cope in the world without her best friend. Cailey grew up and came into Texas Humane Heroes over a year ago with her sister. While her sister was able to find a home, Cailey was left to live without her and hasn’t quite recovered from the separation as she was very dependent on her sister. She can be fearful of people, particularly kids and men, and would do best in a home with a single person or couple. She enjoys the company of all dogs and would one day love to have a permanent adopted sibling and playmate.

Though it takes time for Cailey to become comfortable with a new person in her life, once she is, she will be the dog of anyone’s dreams! She is well mannered on a leash and wants her behaviors and actions to be proper, always looking to her owner for approval and being very attentive. She also becomes very loving and will snuggle up close for affection. Cailey has mastered the “Puppy eye” look and is sure to make you weak in the knees when you look into those sensitive, golden eyes.  Are you ready to show her what true love is and treat her the way she deserves? Meet Cailey!



What are you hoping to get from your next relationship?

“I am looking for someone I can be completely comfortable with; someone who is calm and nice, that will make me feel safe and loved. I enjoy routine to my days. I like knowing what to expect in a day so I can be the best me possible and make my owner happy. I am looking for a long term commitment. I have had a few occurrences that have left me feeling alone, scared, and unwanted. I don’t like feeling that way and I hope with my new person I never have to again.”

What is the most thoughtful gift you have ever been given?

“The best gift that someone has ever given me was the opportunity to be a part of their home. Though my previous experiences in a home didn’t work out, I am appreciative of the opportunity they gave me to be in a warm home and having a bed to lay on. Right now I live with a really nice lady that is teaching me lots of new things and that not all people (or vehicles) are scary. I look forward to using all the things she has taught me when I’m given the best gift of all-my forever home.”

What is your favorite quote?

“‘The people who want to stay in your life will always find a way.’”