Ready Fur Love: Stevie’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Stevie’s Dating Story

Meet Stevie! Stevie is the perfect girl and is ready to be the star of your life! Stevie’s good looks and personality will have your friends thinking you adopted a supermodel which is an understandably easy mistake to make. She is ready for her close up at the top of her cat tree- her favorite place to lay!  When she isn’t lounging and relaxing, Stevie enjoys keeping her girly figure nice and trim with some exercise. She loves to run and could chase the red dot from her laser pointer all day! How else is she going to stay so fit? Though her physical features make her star quality, she doesn’t have a bad attitude. She is a friendly girl that loves people of all ages! Stevie loves to cuddle up close to her family and nuzzle against their neck when she is being held. Stevie also is very friendly with felines but has to be limited to which ones she is friends with.

Unfortunately, Stevie is positive for feline leukemia. That means she can only live in a house with other feline leukemia positive kitties or dogs. Feline leukemia virus attacks the immune system which can lead to various diseases later in life. Though this is a dangerous disease, more than 70% of all infected cats live long and happy lives! Stevie is ready to begin her life of luxury, waiting for the perfect family to come and take her away. Will you rescue this starlette? Meet Stevie!


Describe your perfect date.

My puurrfect date would be spending the day together out on the town exploring new things, maybe even going to the beach, just as long as I don’t get my fur wet. Then we can watch a movie and lay on my cat tree. I don’t know if a human will fit on there, but maybe they can move it close to where they like to lay. Hopefully the paparazzi won’t bother us too much. They try to get me on magazine covers all the time.


You’ve won a lifetime achievement award, what did you do?

“If I won an award it would be for getting people in shape. No one will sit on their butt when I’m around, I want to get up and play it’s gonna be with YOU! Everyone can join in on the fun, and before you know it, you will be nice and trim like me! Chasing that little red dot will have you burning up calories in no time. Just remember, a healthy life is a happy life!


What is your best pickup line?

“Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I will give it back.” No one can resist that line. And I am true to my word, I always give kisses back!