Ready Fur Love: Joey’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Joey’s Dating Story

Meet Joey! He’s a true loverboy and has no enemies. He has an easygoing personality and lives a ‘peace, not war’ lifestyle. He’d rather enjoy everyone’s company and keep life simple. Even when his other feline friends are having a rough day, Joey doesn’t let their attitude bring him down. Why waste nine lives on being mad when you can relax and just go with the flow? Joey is very affectionate and is hoping for someone who likes to get their snuggle on. Have you ever heard that when one of your senses isn’t working, the others become more powerful? Well Joey agrees. When he is getting pet, he likes to close his eyes. The head scratch becomes so much better! Joey also likes to give gentle nose bumps to his humans as a sign of affection. Who can resist that?! His loving ways and laidback ‘tude is sure to make him the perfect fit into any lifestyle. Are you ready to add a little woosah to your world? Meet Joey!


Which is more important: having a great sense of humor, having an intelligent conversation, being active and sporty, or being passionate about life?

“I think being passionate about life is the most important. I am hoping to find someone that enjoys the little things in life because it is the little things that make the big picture whole.”


How do you like to spend your Saturday’s?

“I like spending my Saturday’s lounging around people watching or watching nature out the window. I like seeing how other people spend their days and live their life. I also enjoy watching birds and seeing the wind blow through the trees. If the window is open, I like to lay next to it in the warm sun and have the breeze blow in. That’s very relaxing.”


What are you looking for in a man or woman?

“I hope I meet someone that really enjoys company. I like spending time with my companions. I want to meet someone that is happy when I greet them at the door and rub against their leg to say hello. I would much rather curl up on the couch for a chin scratch instead of chasing a toy around. I’m very dedicated to my family and want to feel as loved as much as I love them. Nose touching is how I say it. Hopefully they don’t mind if my breath isn’t the freshest, I will always try my best to eat some good smelling treats beforehand to make my breath smell better. Do you like the scent of fish? Fish breath smells good, right? ‘Cause I sure think so!”