Ready Fur Love: The FeLV Feline’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: The FeLV Feline’s Dating Story


This Week’s “Ready Fur Love” is featuring 5 swingin’ bachelorettes all looking for love! We have Josie and Stevie that makes up one sisterly duo, and Flora and Nora who make up another along with their mom, Cora! All five ladies are housed together in their special room. While they enjoy each other’s company, they unfortunately have to be separated from other felines. They all have Feline Leukemia. This is a retrovirus that is species specific and attacks the immune system, making them more prone to infection. This is a contagious disease that has the capability of shortening many cats’ lives. Other times, the cats can live long and happy years in the comfort of a home. While they can’t live among negative FeLV cats, these five gals would do perfectly in a home together or with any other cat-friendly animal.

Many people don’t take chances on special needs animals but these girls want you to know they have as much love to give as the cats in the room next door! Come in and have a seat with them. They will climb all over you and remind you the ones that need love the most, also have the most love to give. Meet the FeLV Kitties!


What are your lifelong goals?


Nora: “I think all of our lifelong goals are the same- to find our forever homes. Many people have come to see us but when they hear we are positive for Feline Leukemia, it scares them. While we don’t know when the virus will take us away, we all feel great right now and don’t want to waste time not being with our future family.”

Stevie: “We also have the ability to fight off the disease and could live for many, many years! People say it’s too much of a risk to adopt us because of our illness and us leaving early in life. But don’t you think it’s too much of a risk to not adopt us and miss out on a lifetime of love that could go much longer than you think?”


What are you looking for in a man or woman?


Cora: “I am looking for someone who I can spend my days with, playing with toys, cuddling on the couch. I don’t mind if there are other cat-friendly animals around, it would be so nice if I could go to a home with my biological and/or adopted daughters, but it would also be nice having a quiet home where I get all the attention. Just don’t tell my daughters I said that.”


Which is more important: having a great sense of humor, having an intelligent conversation, being active and sporty, or being passionate about life?

Josie: “I definitely think it would be being passionate about life. Life is uncertain so you should enjoy every bit that you can while you have the chance.”

Flora : “I have heard the saying ‘life is too short to wait.’ I’m done waiting, and I’m ready to start living. You may think adopting us is taking a chance, but we’re all a win-win situation.”