Ready Fur Love: Andy’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Andy’s Dating Story


Meet Andy! Andy is an extremely loving boy who wears his heart on his fur. He’s a big fan of anyone who can give him a nice ear scratch and face rub. Andy enjoys spending his days looking out the window and thinking of ways to make you happy. Andy loves spending time with his humans, letting them know how much he loves them. If he could wake up everyday and buy you a box of chocolates and write you a love song, he would. Unfortunately, many stores don’t allow pets inside and he hasn’t quite figured out how to hold a pencil. Maybe someday he will get the hang of it.

While Andy loves to show affection, it’s actually his subtle way of getting love for himself. He knows that coming and rubbing against your leg and greeting you at the door is a sure way to get some love himself. A win win in his book! If you’ve been in and out of relationships that don’t go anywhere then your search is over! Andy will never let you feel lonely again. Meet Andy!


Describe your perfect date.

“My perfect date would be a classic and romantic candle-lit dinner for two, or more depending how many people are in my new family. We can sit down and talk and share stories as well as our likes and dislikes. Then after we can curl up on a soft couch with a warm blanket and some big, fluffy pillows for a movie. My favorite movie is “Homeward Bound.” Hopefully it’s a movie library staple for my new family.” “That Darn Cat” is my second favorite. Either one will be a good choice for date night.


What is your most prized possession?

“I love my toys. I am a rather playful boy and my toys keep my busy while my humans are away during the day. I have lots of fun with them and am a very cautious cat not to lose any my favorites are the ones with string dangling from a stick. I have the most fun with that when my human shakes it across the floor and I try to grab it. I always win that game.”


What is your best pickup line?

“Excuse me, if I go straight this way will it lead me straight to your heart?” Putty in my paws.