Ready Fur Love: Bear’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Bear’s Dating Story

Meet Bear! Bear is as cuddly as a teddy and is looking to give his family as much loves and comfort that a teddy bear would give. He is a dog that appreciates every moment he is given to experience all the good things life has to offer him. He enjoys playing with other dogs and even steps up to the roll of protective big brother for those that are a little shy in the group. Bear is the outdoorsy type. His favorite summer activity is anything water related. He loves to get out in the hot sun and cool of in the water- all while showing off his handsome physique! Bear is also trained in basic commands and is eager to learn more. The sky’s the limit for learning new things!

Bear has been a little down in the dumps, though, lately. He has a lot of love to give but just can’t seem to find the right family willing to give that love back. His ideal family is one that doesn’t sit still. If they play in the yard for hours, he will be with them until the last minute. If his new family member is training for a marathon, Bear will be encouraging and motivational. Even though what he is looking for is common in an athletic town, he can’t seem to find the right fit. He is keeping his hopes high because he knows that there is a good home for every dog and he will find his one day. Will you be the one to reinforce his beliefs and give this boy the love and fun he deserves? Meet Bear!


Describe your perfect date


“My perfect date would be going somewhere where there is a lot of people. One-on-one time is fine but being in a big group is better! I like meeting new people and doing something fun like a pickup game of fetch or swimming in the lake. Fun time is quality time and I am ready for some quality time!”


What are your lifelong goals?

“I am a very ambitious dog. I want to learn all things so I can be perfect. My lifelong goal is to be Super Dog. My super powers will be knowing every trick in the book and having the ability to put a smile on everyone’s face! And the best part is I won’t have any enemies because I like everyone and everyone likes me- even cats! But that’s more of a neutral relationship.”


What quote do you live by?

“‘Living this life has taught me that no matter how many times my love was not returned, I still have a lot to give to others and myself.’ This quote is very true to what I have been feeling lately. I have been very unlucky in the love department. I have met people that I love instantly and want nothing more than to live the rest of my life in their lives but unfortunately they don’t feel the same about me. That’s okay, I know that I will one day find my right family. And in the meantime, I will just keep giving my love to those that take care of me. I know they love me and think I am the best dog out there.”