Ready Fur Love: Big Truck’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Big Truck’s Dating Story

Meet Big Truck! His size might seem a little petite but for such a big name but it is sure fitting to his personality! Big Truck was part of the Brady hoarding case. He came in with 49 other dogs and was very scared. His life was rather tough up to that point; he and the other dogs only lived outside and had very limited interaction with people other than the woman who was caring for them. Being brought to Texas Humane Heroes was scary but is now proving to be exciting and making him feel safe.

Big Truck is starting to know what it’s like to be a true pet! He is learning that humans are nice and what it’s like to receive love and affection. He has taken a 180 degree turn towards becoming a social butterfly! He enjoys spending time in the play yard and exploring new areas and smells. He’s also starting to wonder how he went his life without a daily scratch under the chin. He is a sensitive little boy that is ready to be shown what life is really suppose to be like for a little dog. Will you open his eyes to having a new lease on life? Meet Big Truck!


What are your best qualities?

When I first came to the adoption center, I was very scared, but now I am learning that I can be a great dog for my new family. I am very nice and gentle. I like to explore and play outside on a warm day. I still get a little scared sometimes, but I enjoy being close to my human and following them wherever they go. I am very happy and I know that I can make my new family happy when they bring me into their life.


What’s your biggest motivation?

I am learning so many new things about what it will be like being part of a family and be in a home. I see so many other dogs leaving with people and they look very happy. I am told that they are being given soft, fluffy blankets and beds to lay on and will be inside of a wam home.  Most of all the are going to be loved by these people forever. That’s my motivation. I have never had that and I am so excited to see what it will be like. I can’t wait for my new family.


What is your life motto?

“‘The very thing that holds you down, will lift you up.’ My previous living situation was holding me down from being the best me possible, but because of it I am now being given a whole new opportunity to start over and learn how life should really be for a dog.