Ready Fur Love: Olivia’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Olivia’s Dating Story

Meet Olivia! The name Olivia comes from the name olive and olive branches represent peace which is very fitting for Olivia. She is a quiet girl and enjoys a quiet atmosphere. She is very loving towards her kennel mate Andy. Olivia has a motherly nature about her that is very comforting. She grooms Andy and will lay next to him. Though she likes spending time with people and Andy, Olivia is an independent gal. She enjoys her pets and ear scratches but isn’t a fan of being held like some other cats. She is a grown lady cat and feels like a baby herself when she is held. She’d rather do the mothering than be mothered.

Like most mature ladies, Olivia is also very tidy. She prefers there not be food crumbs left on the floor. Her solution? To eat what’s causing the mess. No need to throw away perfectly good kitty kibble! ‘There are starving cats all over the world and we shouldn’t be wasteful’ is rule of thumb Olivia follows! While she isn’t eating up spilled food or grooming Andy, you can find her getting her beauty sleep or looking out the window, enjoying the weather. If you’re looking for a sweet companion to a current cat, or just wanting someone who enjoys the simple life, or perhaps even a peas and carrots duo, then Olivia (and Andy) is your girl! Meet Olivia!


What are you hoping to get from your next relationship?

“I am hoping to have a mature relationship where we respect one another. One where we can enjoy a quiet day on the couch curled up together. Not one where the human will carry me around all day or try and dress me up in silly costumes. I like being independent and capable of doing my own thing when I want to. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want a family to love me. I like being pet and shown affection, laying on the couch with my person. And of course I will show my love right back.”


What’s the most thoughtful gift you have ever been given?

“Well, it wasn’t really a gift that was given to me but I am very thankful for being housed with Andy. He is my best friend and I am glad to have met him. I sort of made him my adopted son. He needs someone looking after him though, who else would groom him if I wasn’t there!? I have met other cats here at Texas Humane Heroes and they were nice, but I didn’t connect with them. I am hoping that my new family might consider taking both of us home.”


What is your life motto?

“The very things that hold you down are going to lift you up.”