Ready Fur Love: Precious’ Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Precious’ Dating Story

Meet Precious! Her name describes her to the T. She is a petite young girl with a sweet face, but don’t let all that fool you. She is a ball of fire, always on the move and looking for her purfect partner in crime to be right by her side through all the fun! She is the first to greet you at the door and ask if you are ready to play! Precious is a friendly girl and gets along with other cats. While she enjoys felines with the same activity level, she does know how to get the more laid back cats up and moving! She can find adventure in any activity, even just walking from one end of the room to the other, she creates her own path between tight spaces, under objects, over furniture, anything other than the mundane. A little Parkour, anyone?

While she is an independent gal, she still enjoys being held and loved with plenty of head and ear scratches. At the young age of two, Precious knows that she has a long life ahead of her and is ready to take advantage of every minute. She’s just waiting to find the perfect person to do that with.


What is the best present you have ever been given?

I have a toy that is my absolute favorite! It’s got feathers and shiny strings and things that spring back when I pull on them. It is SO FUN! I want to play with it all day and want my owner to be on board with the plan. If you have to leave for a while, I guess that’s fine, but the second you come back, that stick part better be in your hand and you better be ready for a good time!



What’s the best way of getting to know someone?

I think the best way of getting to know someone is to spend a long afternoon together doing something fun and active as well as having some quality one on one time. It’s important to see if you have the same interests and will enjoy the same things as each other but it’s also important to be able to spend quiet time together also. I enjoy having my back and ears scratched, maybe be held for a little while, that sort of thing. If that’s not something you like doing then this relationship might not work out for the best.


You won a lifetime achievement award! What did you do?

I won the award for making people happy and getting them to experience life! I think cats my age grow up too fast, just laying around and sleeping all day, thinking that they need to be mature. Not me. I am going to enjoy having fun and find new ways of making that happen. I got a long life ahead of me with plenty of time to nap then.