Ready Fur Love: Eli’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Eli’s Dating Story

This week’s Ready Fur Love bachelor is a real hip dude who’s livin’ large in Leander, Texas! Though he is small in size, he makes up for it in big personality. He is a real guy’s dog and hangs well with his bros. When it comes to the ladies, Casanova better watch his back because Eli’s got all the right moves to sweep any girl off her feet. He is adventurous and is down to go anywhere and everywhere if it means staying by your side and having a great time in the process! Eli gets along well with other dogs and enjoys his outdoor playtime. He is active and adventurous. While hanging out at home chillaxin’ is fun once in a while, he is more excited to get out to the party to meet new people and pups and have lots of fun!


Last week Eli had a ton of fun at Topgolf as the Pet of the Month! He met lots of great people and got a ton of attention. But that’s a given, of course. He is now a YouTube sensation and you can watch it hereAs you can see, he’s an eager beaver and if Topgolf is one of your prime hangouts, Eli will happily spend the weekends there with you working on perfecting his backswing. Meet Eli!


How do you like to spend your weekends?

Really, as long as I’m with my family and friends I don’t care what we are doing because I know it will be fun, but I do enjoy activities like going to the park and playing frisbee, or hiking, or boating on the lake. Outdoor activities are my favorite when it isn’t too hot. If you bring the boombox, I’ll bring the cups. But only to fill them with organic fruit and veggie juice. Gotta stay fit and look trendy in the process.


What’s your biggest motivation?

My motivation is knowing that there is always the right person for every pet. I know that my owner is out there somewhere looking for me and just hasn’t come to the right spot yet, but they will. I am excited to make them laugh when they are having a bad day and to give them a big wet kiss when they come home from a long day of wherever they’ve been.


What’s your best pickup line?

“Hey girl, you know what my fur is made out of? Boyfriend material.” A pickup line that is also true. I’m boyfriend material, all right.