Ready Fur Love: Jazz’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Jazz’s Dating Story

Are you a country person? Do you have lots of land to hang out on? Or how about an adventurous go-getter who is always looking for new places to run or hike? If either of these sound like you, then Jazz could be your perfect match! She is a beautiful girl that is full of life. No slow lane for her, she wants to be where the action is! Jazz believes life is what you make it, and she doesn’t want to waste her days feeling sorry for herself, but instead enjoy the sunshine, meet people, and run all day.

Because of Jazz’s enthusiasm for life, she is looking for a home that allows a lot of outdoor activity. She is extremely smart and can learn commands quickly. She would easily take the Top Dog award in training classes for learning and mastering every trick in the book. Only when the day is done is she ready to wind down and enjoy the evening. Are you ready to always have your partner in crime by your side? Then Meet Jazz!

Describe your perfect Saturday

“Well it would definitely be a day spent outside. We can go hiking in the mountains or running on the beach of a lake, splashing in the water all day- I love water! I have also heard of these things called agility classes where you can run fast and over obstacles or through tunnels. That sounds like fun! I sure do like jumping and running, so I think I would definitely be okay with spending my day there. Whatever we do it has to be adventurous and outside. Of course, it wouldn’t be a good day spent unless I have my person with me.


Which is more important: having a great sense of humor, having an intelligent conversation, being active and sporty, or being passionate about life?

Definitely being active and sporty. Which goes hand-in-hand with being passionate about life. You can’t be passionate about living if you aren’t willing to get out there and experience new things and see new places. I think playing sports or doing lots of activity together can build a strong bond.


What’s your biggest motivation?

My biggest motivation is knowing there is someone out there that can show me a whole new side of life. They can teach me things I’ve never known and show me things I’ve never seen. And instead of standing on the sidelines or holding me back, they will be right next to me having fun being who we are together.