Ready Fur Love: Mario and Luigi’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Mario and Luigi’s Dating Story

You can now spend your days with your favorite videogame characters everyday without sitting in front of a TV! Meet Mario and Luigi! These brothers are looking to be number one in your life and are sure to provide hours of love, laughs, and fun. These brothers are hoping to save their purrfect pal from the top of a castle guarded by an evil, spiky, turtle-dragon hybrid….thing. Or maybe just from some lonely Saturday nights. Everyone loves Mario and Luigi but is that a big surprise? They get along with other kitties and are very curious of newcomers. They greet everyone with a pur and enjoy lots of pets and scratches.


While these two guys would do fine separated, they also know that having a partner to fight crime makes things more exciting and fun. In this case, the goal being finding a home and making their owners happy. These two won’t leave you saying “Oh no!” but more like “Let’s-a-go!” Are you ready to level up your single life by two? Meet Mario and Luigi!


What are your best qualities?

Mario- “I am a natural born leader. I know how to get to where we need to go and I have fun in the process! I am handsome and charming and know a good lap when I see one. I think I am the perfect balance of playful and laid back and am happy chillin’ at home on a Saturday night, ordering in and watching a movie.”

Luigi- “Most people think I’m just the sidekick that gets called in when my brother is in trouble, but really I am a front man of my own! I like to get out there and learn about new things. I will brighten your day when you’re feeling down and give kisses when you scratch the perfect spot. I am social and like to spend time with my cat friends but most of all I want to spend time with my human.


What is your biggest motivation?

Mario- “I think we can definitely be motivated to do something with a treat. At least I know I will for a crunchy morsel of deliciousness.”

Luigi- “I think also seeing other gets getting adopted reminds us that there is a family for everyone. I know someday we will find a home that is just right for us and that’s what really keeps us motivated. Of course, the treats are good too.”


What is your favorite quote?

Luigi- “Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.”

Mario- “I’m chubby because a skinny body can’t hold all this personality.”