Pets for Patriots- Mia and the Rodgers Family

Texas Humane Heroes is a partner of Pets for Patriots, where we waive the adoption fee of all service men and women who are part of their program. It has allowed us to see some amazing connections and a way for us to say thank you to those who serve our country. We wanted to share a fantastic Pets for Patriots adoption story that took place this past Tuesday.


Davette Rodgers and her family came to the TXHH Killeen Adoption Center looking for a new family member and a friend for their current pet. Rodgers suffered from severe hearing loss while deployed and the doctors told her she will eventually lose all of her hearing. While visiting the adoption center, she met a dog who she had something in common with.


Mia, a two year old Catahoula Leopard Dog mix, is also completely deaf. Rodgers instantly had a connection with her. Over the course of a week, Rodgers came to visit Mia, bringing her family members and current dog to meet and bond with Mia. When she went back home, she would research information about living with a deaf animal and how she can teach her sign language.


“I felt this instant bond with her, she gets me. I have slowly been teaching myself sign language and now I have a partner to learn with!” said Rodgers during her adoption.


After a week, the family saw that she was the perfect fit to their family and officially Adopted Mia.


Thank you Davette for your service to our country and for giving a special needs dog a loving and caring home! You truly are a HERO!