Ready Fur Love: Hope’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Hope’s Dating Story

Meet Hope! Hope is a sweet and shy girl that is full of…you guessed it, HOPE! She is counting the days until she is in a home of her own. While she doesn’t know the exact day her family will come, she can see the light at the end of the tunnel getting brighter and brighter. She knows they are coming for her soon! She is very excited to finally have a home of her own but she does hope her perfect family won’t judge a book by the cover. Hope is shy girl that needs a nice introduction. Meeting a family through the kennel door isn’t her ideal first date. The loud barking and quick movements from other visitors can make for a pretty uncomfortable situation, but the second someone offers to take her on a walk, a whole new door of possibilities open and soon you won’t be able to resist such a sweet soul.

Hope may be a little bashful around humans, but she gets along with all the dogs she has met at the adoption center! She has made many friends during her stay, including her two best friends Gracie and Serenity! Gracie, Hope, Serenity- sounds like the perfect trio to a very zen life! Hope is looking forward to having a fun and active life with you! Are you hopeful for a new pet? Meet Hope!


Describe your perfect date?

“My perfect date would be a nice and leisurely daytime walk, just as long as it isn’t too hot out! This heat has my fur lookin’ all kinds of crazy and I just want to make sure I look my absolute best for you! I think walks let us get to know one another the best. We can see each other’s personalities and learn each other’s interests. If it’s not a perfect fit, well then at least we got a little exercise and an enjoyable walk, but when I do find my perfect fit, it will be the best walk I have ever taken.”


What’s the best gift you have ever been given?

“At the adoption center, we get to go outside daily. It can be really hot, especially when we are running and playing. The nice people at Texas Humane Heroes always give us a pool to splash around in. It is my favorite thing to do during playtime! I don’t know if it is a gift specifically for me, but I sure to appreciate them putting it out there. I would love to one day splash in a lake or river with my new family.”


You won a lifetime achievement award, what was it for?

My award would be for being a good friend and the perfect companion to my new family. I will always be there for them, through thick and thin.




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