Ready Fur Love: Phoenix’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Phoenix’s Dating Story

Here we are folks, time to hear who your crowned queen is of the Bandera Cowboy Mardi Gras festival! She is fun, feisty, and full of life, it’s Phoenix! Phoenix knows she is all too deserving of this title. She is the most friendly girl you will ever meet and is very affectionate. She loves contact with people and will give kisses and little love bites. She is the perfect decision for someone who is looking for a sidekick that will always be right there.

While she may be loving, Phoenix is not all about the “Netflix and chill” lifestyle. She is  looking for someone who enjoys living life on the edge, wild side, or any other adrenaline-inducing activities. You can frequently finding her on the highest ledge she can find or leaping between levels on her cat tree. She also enjoys those surprise leaps  onto your back when you don’t see her. Her bright and bold personality is sure to put a smile on your face and she is hoping it will help seal the deal to making her part of your life forever! Are you ready to meet your queen? Here’s Phoenix!

“I know many people get bored in relationships, but you will never get bored with me! I am full of spunk and always interested in doing new things and activities. I don’t like sitting still and I hope my new family is the same. We can play games all day together and I would be so happy!”

How do you like spending your Saturdays?

“I love to play! After a hard week at work at school, I will help you unwind and loosen up! We can shake the stress away with lots of fun and laughs. I would also like to see how far I can jump and land on your back or have you catch me! I heard of this thing called parkour, that sounded like fun! Maybe we can pick up a new hobby together?”

What is your best pickup line?

“There’s sideview, rearview, and what else? I loveview.”