Ready Fur Love: Rocky’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Rocky’s Dating Story



With every king follows a handsome prince shortly after. Haven’t you heard of prince charming? Every princess is in need of a handsome prince to sweep her off her feet, but every prince also needs a faithful friend by his side. Prince Rocky is no different. Rocky has dubbed himself Prince of the Cowboy Mardi Gras and eagerly looks forward to fulfilling his role to the utmost of his ability. All he needs now is his perfect companion to give him the support he needs.


Rocky is a great guy all around. He is strong and independent, yet still is loving and affectionate with his handlers and friends. So for all you looking for the non-clingy type, he’s your guy. Rocky is also a great candidate for daily outings with his canine friends. He looks for the good in all and makes friends easily. He also really enjoys his playtime, preferably with durable toys that last. Those soft ones just seem to explode fluff everywhere! Anxiously awaiting to meet the people of his kingdom and make one his perfect match, meet Rocky!


Why do you think you’ll make a good prince?

“I know I will make a good prince because I am friendly, loving, smart, and most of all, handsome. Princes are only allowed to be handsome and I think I got that portion covered along with everything else. I love taking trips to the park and making all kinds of friends. I think being a king is too stuffy. Prince is the way to go. I am very fun and I can put a smile on anyone’s face! Don’t believe me? Well then I guess you are just gonna have to come see for yourself.


What is the best gift you’ve ever been given?

“I love toys! I really enjoy tennis balls and anything sturdy. I like those soft fluffy ones, but when I play I really get in the zone. Then before I know it, I look around and there is white puffs everywhere and my toy is lying on the floor, sad and flat. I don’t know what happened!”


What is your favorite food

“I like food of all kinds! I really enjoy treats. Anyone who is willing to sneak me some is instantly on my good side. I mean, they probably were anyways, but still. I am a true carnivore so anything meat flavored is right up my alley. Care to share a nice steak dinner? As prince only the finest cuts will do.”