Ready Fur Love: Lucy’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Lucy’s Dating Story

Are you into athletic girls? Ones who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty and can keep up with those male jocks? Lucy is the final court member to this month’s Texas festival, Cowboy Mardi Gras, and can hang like one of the guys but is sweet like the little lady she is. Lucy loves to play with her tennis ball and can run all day! The “Netflix and chill” lifestyle isn’t what she is looking for, she wants a family that gets rowdy on game day and won’t come inside on a warm evening until the fireflies are the only light to see by. Lucy is a very social girl and is always looking for a good time. She loves playing with her canine buddies and “fetch” is her ultimate sport. Not only is she athletic, but she is also very smart! She would love the opportunity to ‘wow’ you with new tricks in a training class!


While it isn’t what she is looking for long term, Lucy is hoping to live the laidback lifestyle for a short time period while she receives her heartworm treatment. She was the unfortunate pick of an infected mosquito that gave her heartworms. Don’t let that scare you, though! Heartworms are not contagious to humans or other animals, and the best part is Texas Humane Heroes pays for the whole thing! All Lucy is needing is a quiet life for 30 days while the treatment gets rid of those pesky little buggers making a home in her heart. Ultimately, Lucy is hoping for a forever home, but step one is getting rid of the heartworms so if that means finding someone who can only foster, that is okay with her also. Does this playful pup sound like she may be the VIP to your team? Meet Lucy!

What are you looking for in a new family?

I am looking for a family that loves to play games as much as I do. I want to sit and watch football on Sunday in our jerseys and come spring, I want to be out and playing ourselves! I hope my new family is up for anything except keeping the couch warm. That’s boring.


How do you like spending the weekends?

On the weekends, I like picking up any sport and playing with my friends or humans. Ball oriented sports are my all time favorite. I can play fetch for days, and come baseball season, I will be the best Center Fielder there is! I will definitely win Rookie of the Year. Watch out boys, there’s a new girl in town!


What are your best qualities?

Besides being very athletic, I am also very smart. I know sit and I am very excited to learn more tricks. The best part is, I will always take being rewarded with a tennis ball over treats, which means you don’t have to worry about me getting fat. Smart, pretty, sporty, and a nice figure? Sounds like I’m the girl of everyone’s dreams!

Be sure to watch Lucy’s video about her trip to Topgolf here.


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