Ready Fur Love: Athelstan’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Athelstan’s Dating Story


It’s February which means it’s time to hit the sky and fly down to Brownsville, Texas and celebrate Air Fiesta! We have a bachelor here who has dubbed himself King of the Sky and hopefully of your heart. Athelstan is a handsome and you 2 year old who finds relaxation when he high in the sky. When he isn’t zipping through the clouds, he likes to hang on his cat tree and stare out the window on a warm and sunny day. Athelstan is a laid back cat who enjoys keeping things simple- eating, napping, getting some love, watching birds. You know, the easy life.


This guy has a lot going for him, young, handsome, drama free, a king; but to keep that list going, he is also very social. He has a good friend he spends his days with and he enjoys meeting new people. He’s definitely the cat you want to take mom home to and the one that will keep all your friends laughing. Most of all, he will never stop trying to please you. He will always love you to the moon and back, and will gladly fly up there to get it for you. If this perfect stud has flown off with your heart, then sit tight because it’s just going to keep getting better!  Meet Athelstan!


Describe your perfect Saturday.

If I’m not flying high in the sky, yy perfect Saturday is one that’s easy going. I enjoy keeping things low key and lounging around. Of course I prefer sunny days for optimum bird watching, but those cloudy ones are nice movie watching weather also. If there are human kids in the family, maybe we can all play some games.

What would you do to win your perfect family?

I would do anything for someone I thought I could love forever. I would fly across the globe to get them, then fly them wherever they wanted. Paris? Let’s go! Wanna lay on the beach? I know the best one! As long as I can curl up in your lap and get an ear scratch, I am happy to go wherever.


What is your biggest motivation?

My biggest motivation is that I will be loved forever with a family that has the same interests as me. I never give up, especially when there is a life-changing prize at the end. Every pet has their day and I am gonna work hard to get mine.