A Party Across Texas

Howdy! Many of you all know that Texas Humane Heroes is a pretty cool place that rescues
animals but do you know how we do it? Throughout Texas, there are many towns that face overcrowded municipal shelters and are forced to euthanize. That’s where we come in. Everyday we are asked where we get our animals from. 95% of the pets that come into our program come from these overcrowded municipal shelters. We travel all across Texas to go to shelters who need our help and assist as much as possible. From West Texas down to the Gulf, to North Texas and everywhere in between, we go as far as we can to save animals at risk.

In the past three years, our organization has been able to assist over 70 animal agencies in over 35 counties- that’s pretty incredible! You know what’s even more incredible? Some of those agencies had kill rates as high as 95% and in just six months time, we were able to turn that 95% kill rate into a 95% live rate. Now that’s something worth celebrating!  


In 2016, we want to spotlight where some of our pets come from. While we can tell you we went to such-and-such place, it would be more fun to show you! Texas is cool and what makes it cool is all the festivals– we Texans sure know how to throw a good party! Each month we are going to feature a cool festival in or near a town we have helped. In February, we are making our way to the Gulf for the Air Fiesta festival! Follow us on all of our social media outlets to see what is going on each month and for all the fun we will have along with way! There will be fun contests, cute pictures that will make you say “D’aaawww,” and like any good festival, each month we will feature a self-proclaimed King, Queen, and their appointed court because all of our animals think they are the best (which they are).


Thank you for taking this journey with us. We hope that you have as much fun as we do and learn all the different areas that benefit from your support of Texas Humane Heroes.