Ready Fur Love: Rosie’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Rosie’s Dating Story



Get ready for some adventure, it’s time to take to the skies once more! We have pretty girl Rosie here as Queen of Air Fiesta and she is going to take you for a loop and show you why you need this pint sized pitty in your life. Rosie is full of sass and spunk and wants everyone to know it. She is very friendly and loves nothing more than running outside and playing with her chew toys. At only a year old, she is still has the energy of a puppy and is looking for a family who enjoys life to the fullest!


Rosie is queen because she lives on the  edge. She is a bold personality who never wants to play the safe card. She knows the only way to become good at something is to try it and is a natural born leader- the perfect recipe for a perfect queen. Most of the time, Rosie is all play, but she can win your heart over when she climbs in your lap for a quick nap or some pets, and in true pit bull fashion, she will return the favor by licking and cleaning your ears. If she sounds like your perfect copilot, then hold on tight because she is surely going to bring some excitement to your life! Meet Rosie!


What makes you a great pet?

“I love adventure! I see the same people do the same thing every day. Not me! I want to go somewhere new, meet new people, and change things up! I will make sure you never have a dull moment and I will always be there for you when the times get rough. You will never have to go through life alone anymore.”


What makes you a great pilot?

“I’m a great pilot because I am super smart and love to learn new tricks. I will only fly in a straight line when I have to. I am a pro at doing loops and barrel rolls, and all the other fun stuff you can think of high in the sky! I got a lot of bark from some of the boy dogs when I told them I like to fly planes, but I didn’t let that stop me! I made sure to beat all those boys and showed them who was really top dog!”


Describe your perfect Saturday.

“When I’m not sailing through the clouds, I enjoy those sunny day hiking a new trail and taking some time to stop and splash in the water. I also enjoy long road trips so I can stick my head out the window and my ears can flap in the wind- the feeling of freedom. If that isn’t possible, then maybe we can just play fetch in the back yard until the sun goes down. As long as I’m with my family, I’m a happy pup.”


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