Ready Fur Love: Gucci and Fendi’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Gucci and Fendi’s Dating Story

Do you have expensive taste? Do you appreciate the finer things in life such as aged wine or precious gems? Are name brands kind of a big deal to you? Then have we got a duo for you! Gucci and Fendi are two beautiful gals who have aged to purfection. Both at a young 7 years old, they have grown up together and are now in search of a new home together. Don’t worry about sibling rivalry though, these two ladies know that the best things come in twos and life just wouldn’t be the same without their sister. To eliminate having to pick, they both decided to name themselves princesses of the Air Fiesta festival; and while they do enjoy flying, they prefer the kind of flying where someone does it for them and they can lounge in the cabin drinking milk from a saucer and caviar from a crystal dish.

Don’t let their love for luxury fool you, these girls are as sweet as a designer bag sale- nothing quite like the satisfaction of that perfect find and these two are no different. They enjoy the company of humans, enjoying being pet, groomed, and doted upon. The best thing about these girls, their sophisticated age makes them the prime candidates for a laidback lifestyle. They got all their young and wild days out of the way, now it’s time to lay back and let the good times roll.  Why settle for one when you can have two! Meet Gucci and Fendi!


What makes you special?

“We are two high class girls! We know that sometimes you just need the little extra pizzazz in your life and trust me, we are it. We also don’t need to always be on the go like some other cats. We enjoy lounging around and letting others do things for us! If you have a relaxed home where we can go from warm bed to sunny window at our leisure, then give us a call. If you are really honest with yourself, you will realize that if the opportunity is there, you would never pick between Gucci and Fendi, you would take them both. So here’s your opportunity.” -Gucci

What are your lifelong goals?

“We have had the opportunity to do so much while growing up like, playing and learning new games. We’ve even dappled with catnip in our younger, wilder days. All of it was so fun! We thought we had it all, but unfortunately we had to leave our home and life isn’t so perfect anymore. We know that together, we can find a new forever home and have all of our goals complete again.”-Fendi


What are your life mottoes?

“‘Being rich of heart, makes you wealthy beyond compare.’”- Fendi

“‘If you want to feel rich, just count all the things you have money can’t buy.’ Money sure can’t buy the amount of love we can give you!” -Gucci