Ready Fur Love: Rodger’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Rodger’s Dating Story

It’s the final days of celebrating Air Fiesta and remembering all the pets TXHH saved in that area, but we still have one more court to fill and one handsome boy has elected himself to fill the position! Meet Prince Rodger! This dapper young fellow is one who can really sweep you off your feet! Rodger is a young 2 years and has the energy to prove it. He really enjoys being in wide open spaces, running and playing with his toys. He is range of qualifications needed for a new family is minimal- everyone in the family must have an “open lap” policy, and they must live exciting lives!


His athletic build makes him a prime candidate for being the ideal triathlon trainer. Hi love for the great outdoors will always be a reminder to always appreciate Mother Nature. When it comes down to it, Rodger is just a big ol’ softie who is looking for someone to love. He loves people of all ages and sizes and will shamelessly bulldoze his way into a loving and relaxing lap. If this guy sounds like the perfect mix of speed and snuggle that you need in your life, then look no farther! Here’s Rodger!

Describe your perfect Saturday.

“My perfect Saturday is one that is spent outdoors. I enjoy warm weather that lets us go for hikes, run around town, or play fetch in the park. It would also be a good Saturday if we spent it playing in the backyard. Don’t worry if you have to go inside for a little bit, I can have fun playing with my toys by myself. “


What is the best gift you have ever been given?

“The best gift I have been given and hope to still get are toys and lots of love. I am very affectionate and will snuggle up in your lap. No matter how small or big a person is, I will always find a way to fit. Toys are always fun, too, because during those times when I have to be alone, I am able to still play and have lots of fun while I wait for my person to get back.”


You won a lifetime achievement award, what was it for?

“If I won a lifetime achievement award, it would be because I was able to keep people experiencing life to the fullest. Happiness is something you create, and that can be done by doing things you love or experiencing new things. I always want to experience the best in life, and of course I want that for the people I love most.”