Ready Fur Love: Zoro’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Zoro’s Dating Story




South by Southwest is beginning to wind down, but Zoro is still taking full advantage of the fun! This young boy is the perfect ball of energy for all the hustle and bustle that SXSW brings to Austin. Just like the masked Zorro, our Zoro likes living a life of adventure and fighting life injustices like untied shoelaces and treat famines. Zoro knows he makes the perfect prince to SXSW because fun and excitement is his middle name! Zoro can play all day, especially when he has his human to play with. He loves toys and is hoping for lots as a ‘Welcome to the Family’ gift from his new human parents.


Though Zoro’s energy proves he is a true 11 month old kitten, he still enjoys his quiet time full of ear scratches and pets. After a long day of play and crime-fighting, it’s nice to hang out on a fluffy couch and watch some movies.   Are you looking for an unmasked superhero to watch party all day and chillax all night with? Then meet Zoro!


What are you looking for in a new family?

I am looking for a family that is active and likes to play! I love to play all day and I especially like to play with my people. The lazer pointer and anything that dangles from a stick are my ultimate favorite toys. Chasing the red dot can be challenging, but I know one day I will be able to defeat and capture it. We can play these games while jamming out to the latest rock band no one has ever heard of yet, cause fast music just makes everything more fun! I am hoping to spend lots of time with my family, but I am also okay with having the home to myself. I am the perfect balance of independent and wanting quality time with everyone, so having a family that is similar is my ideal home.


When you aren’t playing, how do you like to spend your time?

I like to play and all, but I still really enjoy my down time. I am very affectionate and will purr happily and loudly when getting loved on. I like having my ears scratch especially and like being carried for a little bit. All in all, hanging out in bed, watching a movie at night and eating my favorite Original flavored Party Mix treats is a great time. I warn you, though, if you wiggle your toes, it might become playtime again.


What is your most prized possession?

Right now my favorite things are my cat bed and my lazer pointer. My cat bed lets me get a good day and night’s sleep while my lazer pointer provides me with hours of fun. I guess technically they don’t officially belong to me, but maybe when I get adopted I will have my very own waiting for me in the house. A cat can dream!