Ready Fur Love: Roadie’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Roadie’s Dating Story




What a perfect time to introduce your King of South by Southwest the day before it’s official take off! And do we have the perfect guy for this festival. Roadie is a true party dog looking for a family to party with! At a spry 8 months, Roadie knows that there is a lot life has to offer and is ready to get started as soon as possible. He also knows the best way to have fun is with friends and family. He gets along with people of all ages and loves hanging out with his canine pals- he’s the most popular guy at the dog park!


Roadie unfortunately picked by a pesky mosquito that infected him with heartworms. As you can imagine, this totally throws off Roadie’s groove. While Texas Humane Heroes pays for his treatment (Woohoo!), he does have to live the life of a couch potato. This isn’t exactly Roadie’s ideal life choice, but he knows that the silver lining is this is the prime time to get to know you! If you’re looking to add the King of Excitement to your life, then hold on tight because Roadie is about to rock your world! Meet Roadie!


How do you like to spend your weekends?

“Being that SXSW starts tomorrow, my ideal weekend is heading to all the best parties and having the time of my life! I love hanging with friends! The best part is, we don’t need to spend all that money on those silly badges, I know everybody who’s anybody and can get us in anywhere for free! When festival season is over, that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop there. I like going to the dog parks and hanging with my pals while meeting new ones, or heading to the lake and having fun on the beach! For me, weekend is spelled F-U-N and that’s what you’ll get when you’re with me.”


Which is more important: having a great sense of humor, having an intelligent conversation, being active and sporty, or being passionate about life?

“Definitely being passionate about life. I’ve only been alive for 8 months but I know there is so much out there I want to experience! I hope to find a family that is looking for a car buddy and will take me everywhere they go. Summer is coming up quick and I heard of something called a camping trip? They sounded pretty cool and definitely something I would like to do!”


What’s your favorite pickup line?

“I wanna live in your socks so I can be with you every step of the way.”