Ready Fur Love: Audrey Hepburn’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Audrey Hepburn’s Dating Story

Hi, Ladies and Gents! We are back for another Ready Fur Love to find this beautiful bachelorette a love that will last a lifetime, but first, you may have noticed that the Texas Humane Heroes adoption centers have been decked out in decor with each month. Well, I’m gonna give you the low down on what’s going on.


We all know that Texas Humane Heroes saves animals from municipal shelters, but do you know from which ones? The answer is: as many as possible. Our organization travels all across Texas to save at-risk animals from space related euthanasia. Currently, we serve over 35 counties in assisting with helping save lives. To give you an idea of what some of these areas are, we decided to model each month after a famous festival in Texas! This month is the ever exciting South by Southwest! Specifically their film portion of the festival! You will see superstar adoptable pets and, if you follow us on Facebook, can even win some prizes! So hold tight, this year is looking to be one giant party in Texas! Now to get back to why we are here.


We have a stunning and classic beauty for you today! She has appeared in many movies and some people still fawn over her even after all these years. Her films will go down in history and she is a woman that every other woman will always look up as well as envy. Many can’t help to refer to her as her infamous character, Tiffany, but her real name is Audrey. Audrey Hepburn.


Audrey Hepburn is a beautiful and young lady who truly enjoys being pampered to the fullest. She is very loving to her fans (or humans, as we call them). After all this time of being in the spotlight, she has grown tired of paparazzi (or otherwise known as cats) always bothering her, so she prefers to live a life where they won’t get in the way.but can you blame her? She is looking to now have an easy going life where she can enjoy a little R&R. Are you ready to meet your first superstar queen of SXSW? Well here she is, Audrey Hepburn!


How do you like to spend your Saturdays?


“I enjoy doing relaxing things during my weekends. My favorite being napping in the sunshine, getting a pawdicure or massage, you know, luxurious things. I’ve been to all the parties and had my picture take with hundreds of people, now it’s my time to take it easy. I especially want to give back to my fans by spending as much time with them as possible. They of course enjoy giving me pets and scratches so that’s pretty much a massage two-for-one deal.


What is your favorite food?

I like to keep a trim figure and live a healthy lifestyle. My favorite things are lean cuts of poultry and fish, but I do enjoy the occasion red meat dish from time to time. Living life onset meant I could have whatever my heart desired. Even though I enjoyed those fancy meals, nothing beat a homecooked meal. I look forward to having those again.


What is your life motto?

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.”