Ready Fur Love: Barkley’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Barkley’s Dating Story


Spring has kicked off and we are ready to party Fiesta style! We had a great time celebrating South by Southwest with all of you, but now we must continue our journey across Texas heading to the neighboring town of San Antonio where we will get in on the action of Fiesta San Antonio!  

Many of the dogs and cats in our adoption program come from San Antonio Pets Alive! And Karnes County Humane Organization, an organization just a short drive from San Antonio. We are very grateful to work with these organizations to help eliminate pet homelessness! Now strap on your cowboy boots and brush up on your history of the Alamo, it’s time to celebrate Fiesta with the king of the festival- Barkley!


Barkley is one handsome stud. Anyone this handsome is just deserving of the title “king”. He loves to be outside hanging with his people. The thing he loves best about celebrating Fiesta is the food! Barkley has a big appetite and loves to munch on delicious food of all kinds which is perfect for Fiesta since the food options are never ending. Barkley is all good qualities rolled into one- loyal, social, sweet, gentle, with just a touch of coy. While Barkley wears his heart on his sleeve and would love to jump right into his forever home, he also would be happy for someone who just wants to hang out for a bit, say, a month?  


Barkley has those pesky heartworms and needs someone to step up and foster him so he can receive his treatment. While he is hoping to find a family who will be a foster-to-adopt family, he would also be happy making a new friend and hanging out with them temporarily while he receives his treatment. He will never say no to a new friend! Plus he knows that, even though it isn’t forever with his foster, not having heartworms will help him find his forever home sooner. Are you looking for cool and fun all in one? Then here’s Barkley!


What is your favorite food?

“I love foods of all kinds. I prefer meaty and savory, but I also enjoy fruity and sweet. My favorite snack is beef jerky. High in protein and low in fat which helps maintain my athletic figure.When I’m partying at Fiesta, though, I go all out. I always gotta have my turkey leg, kettle corn, and like any true Texan and Southern, crawfish and brisket.”



What is the best way to get to know someone?

“I enjoy doing things where I can interact with my new person. Playing in an open field is a great example! I may venture off a little to sniff out who has recently been in the area, but I will always come back to play games with you. It’s fun, active, and doesn’t leave time for awkward silence.”


What was the best gift you’ve ever received?

“The best gift I have ever received was a loving hug from an employee at TXHH. I can be a little nervous in new situations, especially when it’s a louder environment than I’ m use to, but the staff member gave me some love and pets and told me it was all okay and that I was safe. That made me feel much better and was the best thing I could have gotten. Of course closely followed is beef jerky treats.”