Ready Fur Love: Chip’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Chip’s Dating Story


March and SXSW season are officially over, but we couldn’t leave before showcasing one more eligible bachelor, and honorary prince for South By Southwest! Meet Chip, a handsome and outgoing fella that will easily win any heart over. Chip came from Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. He is one of many pets we have assisted with over the years. He is the first to say hello as you walk in the door and he will always follow you wherever you go. Don’t worry about him being the clingy type, though. He loves being with you but is happy hanging out in his cat tree while you work at your desk. As long as you’re in eye’s view, he is a happy camper.

Chip loves to be loved and he also loves to give love. His pur is set on autodrive whenever his person is around. He loves to give gentle nudges and rubs as a sign of affection. If that doesn’t prove he cares for you, just take a look at his feet. Chip always has his happy feet on when people are around. He knows know stranger and sees the good in everyone. If only all the people of the world could see the brightside of life, just like him! If you are ready to meet a true southern boy, straight from the heart of Texas, then here’s your chance! Meet Chip!


What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday?

“I really enjoy leisure. I like sitting back and watching the day go by. My favorite days are warm and sunny spring days. I like playing games with my people. Watch out, I give soft love nibbles! I promise I won’t hurt you, I just have so much fun playing. By mid day I am ready for a short (or long depending how much playing was done) cat nap in front of an open window. If you have a catio, that’s even better!


What’s your biggest motivation?

I’ve had friends who live in homes and have humans that love them and are always there for them. I see how happy they are and I am determined to find that same happiness. I’m a happy dude as it is but having a family of my own would just send me over the moon. My friends are my biggest
motivation. I know if they can find a family, so can I. It’s just a matter of waiting and finding the right one.


What is your best pickup line?

“Hey there lady, I got a hankering for GRITS- Girls Raised In The South!”