Ready Fur Love: Tina Fey’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Tina Fey’s Dating Story




The final Princess of South By Southwest goes to a lady who sure knows how to put a smile on everyone’s face.  Most people think of the funny actress that gives them a good belly laugh when they hear the name Tina Fey, but really they should think of the sweet, lovable, and furry lady that’s waiting for them at Texas Humane Heroes! Tina Fey is a kind and gentle soul that gets along well with everyone. She has made lots of friends during her stay but is now looking for the real thing! At a young year and a half, Tina acts much more mature for her age. While the other young pups are jumping and flopping all over the place, she is happy taking a nice walk through the park. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy playtime with her friends. Tina would love daily trips to the dog park to meet new pals and enjoy the fresh air! If you are looking for your own Tina Fey to keep a permanent smile on your face, then here’s your chance! Meet Tina!


What are your best features?

I am told I have a great smile. I try my best to keep my teeth as pearly white as possible, eating lots of Greenies, so I’m glad people take notice to my outstanding oral hygiene. I also think I have a great outlook on life. I might not have a home right now, but I have met lots of people and other dogs who are super nice. The people smile when they pet me so that tells me I make them happy! If I’m happy I know I can make others happy, too. While I wait for my forever home, I will just keep spreadin’ my cheer!


How do you like to spend the weekends?

I really like being outside when the weather is nice. I like smelling new smells and seeing new places. It doesn’t have to be a high energy outing, though. I like just taking strolls down the street. Why pass everything up when you can slow down and smell the roses? I think the perfect day would start with a trip to the Farmer’s Market to get tasty homemade treats, then head over to the park so I can feel the wind in my fur and play with a couple of my friends, then end the day on the couch with my favorite person-or people- of all, my family.


Describe your perfect person.

My perfect person just has to have one quality and that is being a good belly scratcher. It is my al
l time favorite place for scrates. I don’t care about anything else, just that they can do that. I even enjoy little kids because I can show them at a young age how to do it! If I don’t teach them, who will? We can’t have our next generation of humans grown up without knowing how to give belly scratches.  





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  1. We are very interested in Tina Fey. Our yellow lab Blossom died last week at nearly 13 years old. We are retired and ardent dog lovers. We loved to take Blossom on walks. She loved our summer cabin.

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in adopting! Tina Fey found her home a few weeks ago, but we have a male dog named Barkley who is a very sweet and gentle lab mix. He might be a great fit for your family! Please visit our Leader Adoption Center at 10930 E. Crystal Falls Parkway in Leander, or give us a call at 512-260-3602.

  2. hi there im intesrested in meeting Tina, can you pelase let me know where shes at to come meet her

    1. Hi Zoila,

      Thank you so much for considering adopting! Tina found her forever home a while back, but we have some great dogs at both our adoption center you might be interested in. There is a dog named Barkley who is a male Lab mix. He is very sweet and gentle. You can visit him at our Leander Adoption Center at 10930 E. Crystal Falls Parkway. Feel free to give us a call at 512-260-3602 for more information. Thank you!

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