Ready Fur Love: Pickles’ Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Pickles’s Dating Story





Fiesta is still going hard and our party animals just don’t quit! We have been having tons of fun celebrating the culture of a city we are proud to help end pet homelessness in. Our biggest party is ready to put on his crown as Prince of Fiesta. He is knows how to have tons of fun and can’t wait to celebrate with you by his side. Pickles is a handsome boy  but comes with a unique twist. Lots of people think large dogs shouldn’t live in an apartment, they need a backyard to run and play. While that may be true for some, Pickles would actually do great in an apartment! How you say? Well, we think Pickles might be part cat.  He settles down and enjoys naps and the settling environment being inside has to offer, and just like cats like to be high in their cat trees, so does Pickles. You can frequently find him hanging out on the highest beam of the catio at Texas Humane Heroes. When he’s out on walks, he enjoys seeing how high he can actually jump. If he were human he would be a parkour champ! Just like a cat, he is the perfect amount of energy and chill.

He may not be able to pay rent, but he makes it up with love– meet Pickles!


How do you like to spend your free time?

“I enjoy taking long walks and hikes. I am learning how to be the ultimate stud on a leash and want to take as much opportunity as possible to show off my new skills. There are a lot of places on my bucket list that I need to start crossing off. I do enjoy climbing and jumping to but sometimes I’m having so much fun doing it, that I don’t realize how far I’ve gone. So as much as I would enjoy doing that stuff in the wide open, it might be best if we just stick to the leashed walked. Wouldn’t wanna lose my new family right after I get ‘em!”


What are your best qualities?

“I am very smart. I think that’s why I like to explore so much, I just want to learn what everything is! I would really enjoy the opportunity to start learning some on-leash agility training. I’ve had some friends tell me about it and it sounds perfect for me! You get to climb things and run around stuff. Sounds pretty cool! Just as long as I’m not able to run free, cause again, I don’t want to lose my people. The best part is, I can learn it with my new family which will teach us how to be a team. That’s really the ultimate goal in a relationship, right?”


What are you hoping to get from your next relationship?

I’m really just hoping to find someone who will appreciate me for me and give me a chance. A lot of people think i have too much energy and they won’t have time for me. Really, I just enjoy structure. I know how to be calm when I’m inside and even know that sometimes I have to use a crate and I’m good with that! Most of all, I’m just looking for someone to snuggle up to on the couch. I’m fluffy like a teddy bear and just need someone to give me a hug.”


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