Adventures of Chloe and Oscar: Clean Sheets

Adventures of Chloe and Oscar: Clean Sheets

Sometimes pets have unique quirks that show their personalities. My cats are no different with Chloe being one of the most unique. She’s the alpha cat of the apartment and does not let anyone forget it.  One of her more interesting personality quirks is that she LOVES clean sheets. LOVES them! It’s one of her favorite things. I’ve never seen a cat get so excited about me putting clean sheets on my bed so she can frolic amongst them. She starts bouncing off the walls… literally with what I call “Kitty Parkour”. I think it’s her way of showing just how much fun she thinks they are and that she’s ready to play.

This happens about every other week. She could be sleeping on my couch in another room but the moment I start removing sheets from my bed, she suddenly appears. I can’t help but laugh at her facial expressions because it’s like she’s asking “Well, what do we have here?” After I’ve put on the fitted sheet, the mattress becomes fair game. She runs around, rolls around and finally flops down somewhere on the bed. When I start putting on the loose sheet, she likes to be underneath that for one specific reason. She likes to continue to run around under this sheet as the air pockets dissolve. It reminds me of the rainbow parachute that we had in my gym class as a kid. As a class, we would all throw it up and then run under it as the air dissolved and then would do it all over again. That’s pretty much what happens when I’m putting my sheets on. She can’t get enough of it and just likes to run all over my bed and attack the sheets. It’s very entertaining.

My other cat Oscar takes a much more sophisticated approach to clean sheets. He waits until I’ve put them on and arranged my pillows. From there, he likes to situate himself so that he can use one of my pillows as a pillow and then takes a hearty nap. I think that he likes my bed so much because it smells like me and if he’s snuggled in the many pillows on my bed he’s closer to me by default. I’ve woken up to find him sleeping on the pillow next to my face. Talk about a morning surprise!

Guess what is happening this weekend… Clean sheets! The cats will surely be pleased. Do your pets have any unique personality traits? If so, what are they?


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