Ready Fur Love: Willie’s Dating Story

By definition, loyal means “giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution.” Willie is exactly that. He shows dedication and love to his person and you will wonder how you got on without him once you meet him. He loves to run and play. You are the only playmate he will ever need. He loves sunny days in the fall when it isn’t too hot. He is ready to play tug-of-war at the drop of a hat. Though, you will have to catch the rope first. Teasing you and not letting you grab it is his favorite part. Lucky for you, it’s more adorable than frustrating.


While Willie has endless amounts of love to give, he also isn’t wanting to rush into anything too quick. Willie is a cautions boy who wants to meet and get to know you. You wouldn’t marry someone on your first date would you? Well, some would but not Willie. He wants to know there is a connection and this will be forever. If you’re looking for someone who will always be the furry shoulder to cry or to make you laugh, Willie is your man. Meet Willie!


How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as the best friend you could ever have. I will always be there my owner. I’m also very happy. I love being outside playing. I’ve made a few dog friends and love running and playing with them, but my human will always be my number one. I also enjoy cuddling. I love getting loved on (especially getting butt scratches!) and I will always be your little spoon.


Describe your perfect person.

My perfect person is someone who is patient and willing to get to know me. I can be very nervous around new people, especially men, so I really enjoy people who come to meet me multiple times. To me it shows they are already committed to spending a lifetime together and really like me for me. They would also be very friendly and love to play and spend time together. Quality time spent together is so important. I will always be theirs and they will always be mine.


What’s your favorite food?

I love food! People give me lots of treats and I love them! Like any normal person, the more unhealthy ones are my favorite. They are treats after all, they are suppose to be savory and delicious! You got your potato chips, I got my meaty bites. We can munch on them together while hangin’ on the couch.




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