Ready Fur Love: Bandera’s Dating Story

Some people, or in this case dogs, are just natural born athletes. They have the endurance to play all day and never want the fun to end. Bandera is that boy. Sports are life with this guy and since he can’t play real football (those darn NFL rules), he subs it with endless games of fetch. Happiness is the wind in your face, a ball flying through the air, fast paws, and your human at the other end of the Chuckit! Launcher. And now that the days are slowly beginning to cool down, that just means more time outside making memories.


While Bandera excels in athleticism, curiosity is also a specialty of his. Seeing new sights and
exploring the world is a great way to cool down after lots of running. He loves seeing the new sights and exploring what all his surroundings have to offer, just think of all the new places you can explore together while sipping on warm apple cider. Does he sound like your perfect fall cuddle buddy? Then meet Bandera!


What does your ideal home look like?

My ideal home is one with active people in it. I like to play and run so having a family that likes those things too would be ideal. I am looking for a family with older people though, those babies and toddlers just slow everyone down. Bigger kids are more my speed. Whether there be 10 people in a home, or just one or two, my ideal home will come with lots of love, that’s for sure.


What is your favorite food?

I love chicken jerky! It’s so delicious! Really I love all treats but when I see that jerky bag making its way over, time slows down and the dog angels sing.


Describe your favorite fall activities

Besides being able to play fetch for much longer periods of time, I enjoy walking through the park and sniffing the fall air or running through all the leaves on the ground. I also enjoy kickin’ back on the couch and watching football with my family! There is always lots of excitement and good food to eat! My favorite team is the Houston Texans! Go Texans!