Ready Fur Love: Adriano’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Adriano’s Dating Story

Everyone notices that guy who is a real smooth talker and can capture the attention of any audience. Adriano is that guy. He loves the company of people and other animals. If there was a dinner party, he would be the host and the one that keeps everyone laughing and enjoying the evening. He enjoys the company of people, cats, and even dogs, but he does prefer to keep it adults only. Kids cause too much of a ruckus and can be stressful.

Adriano may be the life of the party but it is a mature one for sure. He is a hopeless romantic, wanting to sit on the nearest open lap and curl up on a rainy day. If this mature guy sounds like the one for you, then get Ready Fur Love with Adriano!


Describe what you are looking for in your next relationship.

“I’m looking for a home that is mature, I like to play but high energy kids are too much for me. I prefer older humans who enjoy mellow play time, or mostly just chillin’ out and watching a good movie. Right now I am temporarily living with a family that takes great care of me. I get to be carried and loved on, and there always seems to be an open lap. I even enjoy their permanent resident pets. They are pretty cool and I get along well with them, even the dog. They even give me pawdicures which I rather enjoy. Real men take care of their claws. Many people say cats are hard to read, but I am very open and honest with how I am feeling. I’m just looking for someone who will listen to my needs as much as I’m willing to listen to theirs.”


Describe your perfect date.

“I enjoy intimate moments with people. Starting off with a delicious candlelit dinner would be great. Perhaps we can have linguini and clams? After we exchange life experiences and have some laughs over a few glasses of Cat-Sip Milk, we can get cozy on the couch and read a book or watch the newest independent film. With all the rain lately, it creates the purrfect ambiance.”


What is your life motto?

“‘Life is like a coin. You can spend it anyway you wish, but you only spend it once.’ As much as people joke that cats have nine lives, we all know it’s not true. I want to live my life being happy and surrounded by love.”