The Dogmom Diary: Dog Wanted


I can’t believe it has been two years since I found Drifter.

He was living under one of my company’s offices in the oilfield in east Texas.  The team told me he had been around for a few weeks and that he was lucky to be alive.  We don’t have to get graphic here, but animals that are ditched in the oilfield are normally not alive when found.

When I first saw him, Drifter was skin and bones. Even though our team was feeding him scraps, I could tell he was still suffering. BUT his personality showed me that he wanted to live and he could be a good boy with love.

It’s hard not to think back on why he was left in the oilfield. Who could take this sweet baby and toss him so easily without a care in the world. To me, if they cared they would have taken him to a shelter for another family to love him. I know, I know…all that matters is he’s safe and loved now.

I share this because the moment I found him I realized that people still get animals without doing their homework. So do me a favor. Before you own an animal, at the very least, consider these three basic things:

  1. Lifestyle. Are you home a lot during the day? Do you travel? What does your schedule look like? Yes, these things matter. If you’re not home a lot during the day, maybe get a dog who is older and already potty trained. If you travel a lot, maybe wait until you have a long break in your travel schedule to welcome a dog in your life. You get the picture. They need you and they need your love. Be honest with yourself on what you can really give.
  2. Breed. A herding dog (like Drifter) is NOT for people who like to sit around and watch TV. They need activity. I say this because you should do your research on what breeds fit your lifestyle. You don’t want to get more than you can handle because one dog is cooler than the other (yes I know that blue heelers and labradoodles are so hot right now…). They are living creatures and should be matched to the right owners.
  3. Finances. Owning an animal is NOT cheap. So if you have $10 in your account, hit the pause button.  Let’s get real here – they too need food, salon visits, medicine (heart worm/flea meds are the basics), teeth cleanings, doctor visits..and so on and so on. They can’t survive on ramen just because you’re broke.

I share all of this with love. Just as much as you want to provide a good home for the animal, you too want this experience to be one that fills your life with love. And that won’t happen if you get a dog too soon or pick an animal that just doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

Your perfect match is out there!

Drifter and I both wish you so much luck in finding the dog that’s perfect for you!

If you feel you are ready to adopt a new pet, come by Texas Humane Heroes and an Adoption Counselor can help you find the best pet to fit your lifestyle!