Ready Fur Love: Kedge’s Dating Story


Are you ready to say goodbye to summer? Don’t wish it off too soon, Kedge loves all the fun summer activities! He’s a young, rough and tumble kind of guy that loves to have fun and live life on the edge. Perhaps that’s why his name is Kedge? Kedge is a young boy. At a year old, he loves to play all sorts of games. His ideal person is someone with tons of energy like him and one that is a little older. Kedge is still working on some basic manners and can get a little rough. Seems like only the older ones can hang with this guy! While he may play rough, his heart is pure gold and has an endless amount of love to give.

When the weather is right, Kedge wants to spend as much time outdoors as he can get. He would make a great hiking companion and would love to explore a forest or wide open field. He would make a great fishing partner and swimming in a nearby watering hole, lake, or river sounds like the perfect way to cool down in the Texas heat. Life with Kedge is going to put you in the fast lane so buckle up and hold tight! Meet Kedge!

What are your favorite daytime activities?

“Well, you pretty much got it all covered in the intro, I love anything that has to do with the great outdoors. I love to run and play games or hike to new places. I also love splashing around in the pool while playing with my toys. I have three favorite activities that I can do all day- Frisbee so I can run and deer leap after it, play Tug-of-War with my frisbees, and play with my frisbees in the pool. I. Love. Frisbee.”

How do you like to get to know a person?

“There’s only three things I need to know about a person. 1. Are you willing to play outside with me? 2. Will you give me treats? And 3. Will you promise to love me forever? If you can answer yes to all three things, then we are a perfect match. No need to get into the deep details, I keep life simple and happy by doing what I love!”

What do you hope to get out of your next relationship?

“I’m just hoping for a lifetime of love and happiness. I’ve been feeling very lonely lately and I’ve been dreaming of my perfect family. I’m also hoping my perfect family will teach me new things. I may be young but I’m smart and a very fast learner. I know “sit” already and am hoping to broaden my tricks. All in all, I am looking for someone to be completely happy with.”