Adventures of Chloe and Oscar: Vacation

Adventures of Chloe and Oscar: Vacation

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I set off for a trip to Boston and like most pets, the two locals ( Chloe and Oscar), had to stay home. I think they started catching on when I got the suitcases out to pack. I felt a little guilty but knew they were going to be in good hands with my friend and neighbor. There was the slight twist in the care provided for them while I was gone since Oscar needed to have his thyroid medicine. I moved on to the gel application format that is absorbed through the ear. I should have seen this coming, but Oscar also dislikes this format of medicine. I keep hoping that they come out with a liquid format of thyroid medicine that is chicken flavored because that’s the only thing he does well with.

Anyway, I had this whole set of detailed instructions for my friend and fellow cat owner.

These instructions also had Chloe deterrence methods listed. You might ask, “why I would need such a list?” Well, Chloe is either well behaved or your worst nightmare when it comes to guests entering my apartment. She’s the alpha kitty in the apartment and gets a little carried away sometimes when she tries to intimidate others. The moment she senses fear she acts on it and then starts acting like a dog protecting its territory even though she’s an adorable ball of fluff. So it’s usually a fiasco. Despite all of this, I knew they were in good hands.

I checked in with my friend after the first day wanting to make sure that the locals hadn’t made any attempts on her life (aka Chloe), and I got a good report back. Oscar started figuring out the plan I had set in motion though so it became harder to get him to comply with the medicine application. Thankfully my apartment is on the small side and there are not too many places to hide that are unreachable.

When I got home, both cats were overjoyed…sort of. Chloe let me know how much she missed me and Oscar was…..very mad at me. I got the cold shoulder treatment and had to resort to sneaking up on him in order to administer his medicine. He finally forgave me though and both cats decided to take a hands on approach to putting clean sheets on the bed. It increased the amount of time it usually takes to complete the task since Oscar wouldn’t move and Chloe kept chasing the fitted sheet.

We resumed normal business operations here filled with cat treats, playing, sunning, and waking me up at night just to say hello.
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