Siblings United: A Texas Humane Heroes Love Story

Who doesn’t love a good love story? We at Texas Humane Heroes get to see them every day! Every day (except Mondays, that is) we get to see people and pets fall in love with one another, and drive off to their new lives together. Sometimes there’s a story so good, we just have to share with everyone, like this one, the story of two siblings separated and then reunited once again.

In the beginning of the year, two sibling dogs named Armond and Amedee came to our organization together. While very sweet and gentle, both dogs were very scared and under socialized with people. After just a handful of days being at the Adoption Center, Amadee found a loving home with the Green family.

After a few weeks, Armond found a home but unfortunately it didn’t turn out to be forever. Four months later, Armond found his way back to TXHH, still very unsure of people but still loving and sweet. After being here for a second time a little over a month, Brie, our Hero Town Adoption Counselor who adopted out Amedee, reached out to Amedee’s adoptive family with hopes they may be interested in adopting her brother Armond.

Low and behold, the family said yes!  

Amedee and Armond, who now are renamed Triana (Amedee) and Messi (Armond), were reunited on July 13rd. They even have a third sibling named Sevilla!

As Ashley Green recalls, it was her husband who hit the go button. “Triana’s brother? Well then wehave to go get him!”

All three dogs are now inseparable. Eating, playing, and snuggling up together, like they’ve been together since day one.

You may have noticed their unique names. Well here is a fun insight to what they mean!

All three names are influenced from Ashley’s husband who is Spanish and their time living in Spain!

“Besides my husband being from Spain, I love all things Spanish,” says Ashley. “We lived there for a few years together, so having Spanish names around is a little like bringing Spain to Texas!”

Their first dog, Sevilla, is named after the city Ashley’s husband is from. Triana (Amedee) is named after a famous neighborhood within Sevilla. Messi (Armond) is named after one of the best players on the Barcelona soccer team, Lionel Messi! Messi’s human sibling’s name is Leo so basically the two make up one super cool soccer player 😉

We love happy endings! Thank you to the Green family for adopting, reuniting, and saving two siblings!