Ready Fur Love: Jake’s Dating Story


There is just something about an older man that gets all the women. That salt and peppered fur, the way he walks well on a leash, being a good listener… it just drives ‘em wild! Jake is that guy. He is suave and debonair but has learned through his life experiences, that life needs to be lived and experienced. He is still ready to play at a moment’s notice and loves his squeaky toys. While most people are seeking out the youngins, Jake is here to remind you that the senior pet community have a lot to offer, without all the headache. While puppy owners are teaching leash walking, Jake is walking nicely alongside you through the park. While the puppy owners are teaching what’s a toy and what isn’t, Jake is playing with his favorite stuffed turtle. And while those puppy owners are exhausted from all the of the energy those puppies have, Jake is happy to play for a little then settle down and read up on current global events. Are you ready to meet the new “manther” that’s lookin’ for love? Meet Jake!    


Tell everyone a little about yourself.

“Well the biggest thing everyone should know about me is that I love life and really embrace it. Most people think that being the age I am, all I want to do is sleep and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’ve seen all life has to offer and I want more. I want to run in the park with my canine friends, I want to ride in the car and go on camping trips, and most of all, I want to do everything with my family. Puppies don’t even know sit yet. Pft.”


What are some of your favorite things?

“I love my squeaky toys. I could play with them all day. Right now I have a big turtle toy that I grab, shake, and toss around. It’s the best toy that we have at the Adoption Center and the humans are nice enough to reserve it just for me. I also really enjoy being outside when the weather is nice. Nothing can put you in a better mood than the warm sun on your face and running through the soft grass.”


What’s one thing you want everyone to know?

“Age is just a number. Don’t miss out on an opportunity of finding your best friend because you think I’m too old. I am probably everything you are looking for and more, I just need you to take the chance on me to find out.”