Ready Fur Love: Jazz’s Dating Story


Jazz is the perfect music for when you want something low-key that you can kick back to, or it makes for the perfect sounds when you want to put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away. That’s why the name ‘Jazz’ is perfect for this next bachelorette we have for you! Jazz is a beautiful girl that is looking for a family with an even balance of fun and chill, just like her! You can often find Jazz hangin’ out on her catio with her other feline friends, enjoying the day either napping or bird watching. Other times you can find her roughhousing with her favorite toys which are anything string like. Basically, anyone who knows how to have fun, whether it be out and about or at home, and can still appreciate a lazy Sunday is her perfect family. Do you need some Jazz in your life? Meet Jazz!


Describe your personality.

“I’m a very nice girl who is super nice to everyone. I have lots of friends but have no problem flying solo every once in awhile. I know that my people and friends are always gonna be there for me, so no need to be clingy about it. I like all things girly but I don’t have a problem getting my paws dirty to chase that pesky cricket that got into the house. I’m an independent lady that is okay spending her day alone while you’re at work, just as long as you come home to me in the end.”


What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

“Right now the best thing that I have is my super soft, super plush carpet bed I sleep on. It’s amazing and totally my jam. If I’m napping, I’m napping there and no one can say otherwise. I’m always happy when I wake up from that spot. I love to stretch and rub my face on it. Like humans have their favorite beds (which I’m looking forward to also giving a try), I have my carpet.


Describe your perfect date.

“My perfect date would be a night out on the town. We can start with a casual restaurant to keep the mood light, just not too casual so I don’t get messy and embarrass myself. Then we can move on to a fun activity. Maybe beginners dance lessons to, dare I say, Jazz? As long as it’s fun and with someone I like, I’m game!”