Ready Fur Love: Fidget’s Dating Story


Do you get antsy sitting still. Do you often finding yourself looking out the window on a nice day and longing to be outside, running a catching Frisbees in your mouth? Well, maybe not that far, but if the desire of the great outdoors is something you always seek, then we have the perfect pooch to join you! Fidget is a happy girl that loves to be on the move. Play time, explore time, adventure time–it’s around the clock with her! She is happiest when her social calendar is full, but first she must find her bestie.

Making friends can be hard. It can also be hard when you’re super shy. As much as Fidget is happy and loves life, she is also very nervous of new faces. Don’t let that stop you from meeting a great girl, though! How many strangers let you run up and hug them anyhow? If you believe slow and steady wins the best friend race, then Fidget is waiting to meet you! Meet Fidget!


What type of personality are you?

“Well when I first meet someone, I am very reserved and shy. People can be scary to me so I’m definitely not the first one to go say hi. But that’s not who I want to be. I want to see the good in everyone because when I’m comfortable, I am very happy, loving, and playful! I will even wrap my paws around your neck and give lots of kisses. It’s the perfect opportunity to kiss my snout. C’mon, you know you want to!”


What do you think is the best way of getting to know someone?

“I think it’s best to meet in an open area, like a play area! It’s the perfect spot for us to sniff each other out and see what our likes and dislikes are. Maybe we can even sit in the grass to talk over some delicious snacks! It can be our own private, romantic little picnic.”


What do you hope to gain from your new home?

“I hope to gain a forever family, for sure. One that I always feel safe in and can be free to be myself. One where I never doubt who I am or what my owner’s feelings are for me. One that will show me love even if I make a mistake. And definitely one that will teach me. I love learning new things and I think I could do some really cool tricks if someone wants to show me how!”