Ready Fur Love: Paula’s Dating Story


Can you believe only 2 months until it’s the end of the year! So crazy! We are traveling back to our headquarters where we help local shelters to celebrate this month’s festival, and an Austin staple, Austin City Limits! Are you going to be jamming out to some awesome bands? Well this week’s bachelorette would rather be in the back of the crowd, sitting down in the grass and warm sun listening to her favorite bands. Paula Parentiss is a big girl with a big love for R&R. They say cats sleep between 16-20 hours a day, but we think Paula falls more in the 20-22 hour category. You never have to feel guilty about leaving her for a long day at work. As long as she has her food, water, and a soft bed, she’s good for the day. And when you walk through that door, she will be ready to chill out with you and watch a movie. Are you hoping Paula dreams about you? Meet Paula!


What do you like to do for fun?

“I like to hang out with my other cat friends and my person. I’m cool with a night in or maybe go listen to some chill music that you can just relax to on the grass and have a great conversation with friends, talking about life.”


Describe your perfect date.

“My perfect day would be a night in. We can cook a nice gourmet dinner together in the kitchen, you can make Italian and I will have the seafood pate, but if you need help finishing your meatballs I’m good with that, too. We can eat across from each other by candle light. Once the dishes are done we can watch a movie. Perhaps ‘What’s New Pussycat?’”


What’s your favorite food?

“Well if I’m feeling fancy like for date night, I always go with seafood. It is elegant and goes great with white milk. On casual dining nights, I lean toward casual food like grilled chicken or burgers. They are quick easy so I don’t have to worry about getting hangry. Of course, being from Texas, BBQ is always a good choice, also. I’m a meat-eater to the fullest!