Ready Fur Love: Tiago’s Dating Story


This is by far our youngest bachelor we’ve introduced you to! How does a 7 month old end up without a family for going on two month? Well, that’s a head scratcher even for us. Tiago is as playful as you can imagine for a puppy. While he may be shy with new people, it doesn’t take him long to realize he’s met someone new to give him as many treats and belly scratches as his little heart desires.  While he’s still learning about people, Tiago knows he can always find a friend in a canine. He loves running and playing with all his friends in the field and splashing around in the pool. His dream life is to spend as much time outdoors as possible. He is right at the prime age of wanting to learn and explore all of the world. Are you looking for a travel partner? Meet Tiago!


What are your favorite fall activities?

“This will be my first fall that I get to experience so I’m really excited about seeing all the great things that I’ve heard about fall. I’m just finding out fall is when it isn’t so hot outside so I like that better already! Cooler weather means more time outside to run and play! I heard about kayaking and since I love water that sounds like a lot of fun! We can be river explorers and then jump in to cool off. Fall might be my favorite season yet!”


What is the best way to get to know someone?

“I’m a shy guy. I really like all the people that I’ve met, but it did take a day or two to be fully comfortable around them where I could be myself. It will be really great if I could meet someone and they don’t mind spending some extra time with me and show me they aren’t as big and scary as they look. Humans are just so tall!”


What’s your best quality?

Well, a lot of people laugh when I run. At first I thought they were laughing at me, but then I was told that they are laughing with me because they think my run is cute! They say that I look like a little deer ‘cause all my legs lift up off the ground. If you think the way I run is cute, then I will run as much as you want me to.”