Adventures of Chloe and Oscar: Cat Toys. Take 2

Hello fellow pet owners and animals lovers! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about the super adventurous lives of Chloe and Oscar. I started my final year of graduate school so things have been a little hectic! Not a whole lot has changed aside from the fact that my cats act incredibly wounded and offended when I have to leave them to take care of responsibilities…like make sure they have food.  

Since my last post, there has been a casualty… and that would be Chloe’s favorite toy. It’s from Jackson Galaxy’s cat toy line and it’s basically an extendable stick with feathers attached at the end of a long retractable cord. When you wave it around it almost mimics bird movement and flight. This is something that Chloe is all about. It doesn’t matter what it is (my poor feet, birds), she loves hunting things and is very proud of her ability. However, she was too fierce and now her toy is broken. Of my two cats, I have to watch her the most with cat toys. Sometimes cats like to try and eat things (aside from food) that they should not eat. Like the tails on the little mouse toys… or strings. Chloe did this once about 4 years ago and nearly gave me a heart attack when she started puking. Thankfully no surgery was required or anything crazy. However, I’ve watched her like a hawk ever since. Before Chloe, I never had to deal with a cat who enjoyed disemboweling her toys, destroying them, etc. and then tried to eat them as if they were real things she could digest.

I’ve started cutting off the tails or anything she could swallow/try to eat when I bring new toys into our residence. This also means keeping her favorite toys in a cabinet and then I have my scheduled play time with her so she doesn’t get too frisky and start bouncing off the walls. I’ve had friends with cats who like to try and eat things that they should not so I figured this was a good story to share.

Oscar still doesn’t really play with toys all that much. Aside from these little pom pom things that he lights to bat around and chase. I can usually tell when he’s doing that because I’ll hear some of the songs of his people at 2:00 a.m. This is perfectly ok when compared to what could happen.

We don’t always think about a pet finding a rubber band or hair tie to be particularly appetizing, but sometimes this happens. The best thing that you can do is to be vigilant as a pet owner because both cats and dogs will try to eat things that they should not.  For now, I’ll be replacing Chloe’s prized toy so that she can continue to be and feel fierce. Have your pets tried to eat any of their toys?

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